The Triumphant Tragedy (GM’s Guide Podcast 24)

So I got a tweet over the weekend that read thusly.

So I decided to play santa. I recorded the next episode in the series the same day, which focuses on how tragedies work and how to create them.

You can check out the GM’s guide on itunes, or listen to the episode online here.

2 thoughts on “The Triumphant Tragedy (GM’s Guide Podcast 24)

  1. Dan, I have been relistening to a lot of your GM’s guide episodes recently. I’ve found that I can come back to them several times and get different things out of them each time. Who do I have to kill to get you to make a new episode? I’m especially interested to hear what you finally decided on as the 4 act points for each of the characters and how you actually combined those over your 6 “episodes” themselves comprised by four acts.

    Also, I hadn’t checked out your blog because I’m not really into video games, but looking through some of your posts, these look like they’ve got insights that can be valuable for my TTRPGs, too!

    1. Absolutely, all design is connected. Glad you’re finding them valuable.

      I’ve been busy with life at Blizzard, but I’ve been running games and building multiple RPG systems and settings. I’ll have a lot to talk about when I get back into the swing of podcasting.

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