Intelligent Design – Castlevania (Part 2)

Hey everyone, episode 2 of Intelligent Design is ready and waiting. Thanks for everyone’s supportive messages, likes, comments and subscriptions through my various channels. The training wheels come off today as Castlevania starts throwing some of its legendary nastiness at us. Hunchbacks? Ravens? STAIRS?! Let’s dive back into some truly intelligent design.

Someone Made a Transcript!

A lot of people have been asking for a transcript of the Dungeon Master’s Guide 4. You know, the one posted right below this one that you can click right now. Over a year’s worth of experiments and experience, and the knowledge gleaned from them, just a click away. How can you resist? It seems […]

Dungeon Master’s Guide 4 – Combat Encoutners

Why does D&D’s own Creative Manager include “Throw out what the rulebooks say about building encounters” in his advice to new DMs? Because the rulebooks have been leading us wrong for years. Tune in to find out how you can shake things up and make your players scream. Whether it’s in delight or terror is up […]

An Untitled Story – My Favorite Game

About half a year ago I had a chance to record a design stream with my good friend Alex. We chose to analyze the opening sections of my favorite platformer ever: An Untitled Story. If you liked episode one of Intelligent Design, you should enjoy this too.  

Remaking Magic 45 – Kozilek Emerges!

Episode 45 of Remaking Magic is up! In this episode of the podcast all about game design and Magic the Gathering, we take a look at one of the most interesting set of spoilers we’ve ever seen. The sixth color?! Or something even more intriguing? Want to find out?  You can listen to it here.

Intelligent Design – Castlevania

Two weekly podcasts on game design and monthly articles? Nowhere near enough. I’ve just launched my new youtube series Intelligent Design. Here we dig into a truly great game and analyze what makes it so intelligently designed. I’m recording an Undertale series with my friend Gabe, but that’s still in editing. No need to wait […]

DMG 3 – Creating Awesome NPCs

The third episode of my increasingly-inaccurately-labeled weekly podcast is out! Yep, that’s three episodes in three days. I’m sure I’ll settle into a more steady rhythm soon. In any case you can check it out here.

Podcast Feed is Live

After an epic struggle with severe food poisoning, I’ve finally gotten time to set up my podcast feed. I’ll be posting episodes of the Dungeon Master’s Guide, where I talk about applying game design techniques to the challenge of creating an incredible RPG adventure. Now with online hosting! So you won’t have to download future […]

Quick Update

The first episode of the Dungeon Master’s Guide is up on Remaking Magic’s hosting. This weekend I also recorded the raw footage of the first five episodes of a new youtube series with my friend Gabe. We’ll be playing great videogames and talking about their design. It’s awesome. The first episode should be up sometime early next […]