Analyzing the Epic Card Game

At GDC I got the new titleĀ from White Wizard Games. These guys made the jaw-dropping brilliance that is Star Realms, a game that spread through game design circles like a sentient virus that preys on free time. Now they’ve released their take on the competitive fantasy cardgame genre, their answer to Magic the Gathering and […]

Experimentation in Magicka

One theme I keep returning to in Magicka is how the core design of the initial levels is set up to encourage experimentation. Enjoying Magicka requires a very specific mentality different from a lot of other games. Progression is based on experimenting with inventing new spells. This is a huge issue for level designers. In […]

Vacation Time

It’s been a fantastic launch. Faeria’s been cruising at great ratings on steam and players have been creating awesome content that I’ve gotten to read and watch. You designers out there know how great that feels. Now I’m taking my first vacation in about 2 years. Time for a refueling. Going to be playing as […]