The GM’s Guide 13 – Puzzles and Traps

Episode 13 is up and you can listen to it here. Or on iTunes if that’s your jam. Traps have an incredible history in RPGs and they’re a MOUNTAIN of missed opportunities in most campaigns. It’s one of my favorite topics, I love designing a wicked trap. Let’s dive in. Hopefully we’re not diving into acid.

The GM’s Guide 12 – Adventure Deep Dive

The GM’s Guide 12 is up and you can listen to it here. Or on iTunes. That works too. This week we take apart some of my earliest adventures to show how they work. They’re also an examples of how Climactic Event Structure and Four Act Adventure Structure work in practice. Feel free to take any of these […]

Hostile Takeover – Prototype Release!

Its finally ready! The first of our new year “one side-project released each month” resolution is officially available. Hostile Takeover is a 2 player 20-30 minute card game, where YOU are the balancing factor. Bid on auctioned cards to assemble your strategy while in an incredible test of skill. Steal bargains out from under your competitors that don’t […]

The GM’s Guide 11 – Dungeon Design

You can check out the episode here. I love making Dungeons. They’re one of my greatest joys as a GM. However, for a long time, I found it difficult to keep the roleplay-focused gamers around my table engaged during them. Players that enjoy intrigue and character exploration can often feel uninvolved in a standard dungeon. […]

A Sample Dan Adventure

After my 10th GM’s Guide Podcast, I’ve gotten some people asking for examples of how I combine the Climactic Event Structure I talked about in episode 9 with the Four Act Event Structure I talked about in episode 10. I mentioned that you should put the two of them together after all. So here it […]