Hostile Takeover – Prototype Release!

Its finally ready!

The first of our new year “one side-project released each month” resolution is officially available.

Hostile Takeover is a 2 player 20-30 minute card game, where YOU are the balancing factor. Bid on auctioned cards to assemble your strategy while in an incredible test of skill. Steal bargains out from under your competitors that don’t realize a card’s true power. No two games are the same. May the best CEO win.

Download the full package (59 MB)

This zip contains everything you need to play Hostile Takeover including:

* A printable Pdf sheet of all cards and tokens
* A Cockatrice custom card set to play online
* A “Learn to play” Pdf Guide
* A full visual spoiler that you can view HERE

The game is loosely based off a MtG variant we made called High Stakes Magic that I recommend you check out.

Please let us know if you try it out, we love hearing from everyone!
-Reuben & Dan

4 thoughts on “Hostile Takeover – Prototype Release!

      1. I don’t have friends (forever alone 😦 ). However, hopefully I should get it to work after some digging.

      2. Yay! I got an answer from remakingmagic on Tumblr and I managed to register and create a game! Thank you! 😀

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