Wallet Rogues

Game Description Title: Wallet Rogues Player Count: 2 Estimated Play Time: 2 Minutes Recommended Ages: 5 and Up Gameplay and Theme: You are a dashing rogue with a razor wit and a lust for gold. The local thieves guild is running a competition to see who can acquire a fortune first. It’s down to you […]

Wallet Detectives

Game Description Title: Wallet Detectives Player Count: 1-1,000,000 (any number works, though best with 3-6) Estimated Play Time: 1 hour Recommended Ages: 12 and Up Gameplay and Theme: You and your friends take on the role of detectives in a classically styled mystery. Work together with your friends or go it alone to figure out […]

Wallet Warriors

Game Description Title: Wallet Warriors Player Count: 2 with one copy. More copies can support more players in both team-based and battle royale alternate modes. Estimated Play Time: 10 Minutes Recommended Ages: 8 and Up Gameplay and Theme: Combines the thrill of building your own fantasy army with a fast-paced mind game. Players place cards […]

Inspiration is for Amateurs

It’s an amazing feeling when you’re inspired. You have a rush of motivation, you love your ideas, everything seems to fit together perfectly. Anyone can create great work when they’re inspired. What do you do the rest of the time? One of the biggest issues isn’t just how to solve a particular problem in a […]