Wallet Warriors

Game Description
Title: Wallet Warriors

Player Count: 2 with one copy. More copies can support more players in both team-based and battle royale alternate modes.

Estimated Play Time: 10 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 8 and Up

Gameplay and Theme: Combines the thrill of building your own fantasy army with a fast-paced mind game. Players place cards representing military units or cunning maneuvers facedown, then reveal them simultaneously. Did you manage to figure out your opponent’s strategy and counter it? Even if you won this battle, will you have enough forces left to win 2 battles out of 3? You only get 9 cards to fight the whole war with, so use them carefully and build your army well.

Wallet Warriors – How to Play

Pitch Video
Wallet Warriors – Pitch Video

Contact Information
Dan Felder

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