Gaming Beyond the Veil

The Call “Hey Dan, are you in town?” Asked Ian. “I am actually.” “Great. I need a game. I need a game bad.” “Cool. I’d like to do some sort of mini-campaign. I’d rather not do a one-shot, I’ve done a million of those, but something more like a three-episode campaign would be neat.” “Excellent. […]

Design 101: Design Goals

Welcome! Hi, welcome to Design 101. Like many people in the industry, I get asked a lot of questions about game design. Sometimes it’s from friends, sometimes it’s from their kids, sometimes it’s even from new students of my former teachers. Lately I’ve been answering a lot of the same questions over and over again, […]

Improving Rock, Paper, Scissors

So, I run design teams as a hobby. It started in college, a way to simulate the professional production environments and practice our skills. We used to sink 30 hours a week into designing various board games, card games, tabletop rpgs and more. Now I’m in the industry and working professionally, but I still love […]