The GM’s Guide 11 – Dungeon Design

You can check out the episode here.

I love making Dungeons. They’re one of my greatest joys as a GM. However, for a long time, I found it difficult to keep the roleplay-focused gamers around my table engaged during them. Players that enjoy intrigue and character exploration can often feel uninvolved in a standard dungeon. Meanwhile, the dungeon itself is often a rather absurd concept: what is this matrix of oddball deathtraps and unconnected monsters doing in this world? Who made it? Why?

About two years ago I started exploring how to create a dungeon design style that would solve these issues. I wanted to enrich the story experience for roleplayers within a dungeon while also delivering a focused and exciting experience to the hackers and the slashers. You probably know how it goes from there. I run dozens of adventures for various groups to test out ideas, experiment and figure out what works.

Here’s the first major point I landed on. I hope you find it useful.

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