The GM’s Guide 21 – Michael Bay D&D

It’s finally here! The GM’s Guide returns with Michael Bay D&D, and how it eventually led to my richest campaign ever. You can click here for the episode.

4 thoughts on “The GM’s Guide 21 – Michael Bay D&D

  1. Nicely done! Much thanks for continuing this! But I have a question: What kind of d&d rule set do you using? Do you optimizing the rules and if so how?

    1. By the start of Ravenshadow (and for about a year previous) I was actually running a homebrew system I designed with my friends. Nothing about the games have been relevant to the system yet, so I haven’t mentioned it. I’ll have a lot to talk about when the topic of “making your own system” finally comes up. In my next episode, there is a specific mechanical change I make for the good of the setting, so I’ll be talking about why it was made and how it works.

      These days I usually build a new system for each campaign I run, specifically designed for the goals of that campaign. I do not recommend trying this at home. 😉

      1. A new system for each campaign sounds pretty impresive 😮 It is nice that you will be talking about this as well! 😀

  2. These are awesome ! I started listening to your podcasts a couple of days ago an i love it. My first experience as a gm was not as expected. I’ve listened to a lot of your episodes and i’m writing new adventures. This time it’s going to be amazing !

    Also you talk a lot about dungeons and medieval fantasy, would you mind doing one podcast about other settings ie, space, western, horror, etc. Your input on these would rock.

    Keep it up we love it

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