Meet the Master of Doves

I’m always surprised to find people are still playing and caring about some of my old games that I haven’t thought about in years. Today I was emailed a question by a player who sent me a character sheet with this description. I got a chuckle reading it. Yes, it’s all rules-legal in the system we built.

“Dove Colt, as his name implies, is a master of doves. Able to speak to doves, summon doves, conjure flaming doves, create illusions of 20 foot sized dove flocks, and help ponies fly with large crowds of doves, Dove Colt is a versatile hero who is small of stature, but big of feathers.

Combat-wise, Dove Colt is likewise versatile, with ability to heal up to 50 HP per turn and dish out up to 60 damage every other turn using the Nova feature. Even if not the main damage dealer or healer, Dove Colt can give allies standard actions that have +5 energy gain and can summon helpful pigeons that give energy and deal damage. His primary combat flavor is using doves to swarm enemies or fluff up allies, and his 8 cost ulti will coat enemies in pigeon poop. Overall, cute as a button, enthusiastic and inexperienced but nonetheless a force to be reckoned with.”

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