It either matters or it doesn’t

People often ask me why I tend to use “she” and other female pronouns when talking about players in my design articles. The answer is the same as when people ask me about my views on replacing classically male characters with female remakes, or other examples of gender representation. Here it is:

Either gender representation matters or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, then no problem. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing. If it does, then we definitely need more representation for women. This goes both ways. If at some point “she” becomes the overwhelming majority default in writing for games, I’d be using ‘he’. Until then, female pronouns will keep showing up.

One thought on “It either matters or it doesn’t

  1. Hiyo Dan, working through your blog backlog. I think the real question people are asking is ‘Given that we both accept using “he” is the standard way of doing this what point are you making by using “she” instead?’ I think that is a good question and one with a good answer, the answer is basically this blog post. 😛

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