Back to Belgium

Tomorrow I begin my long crisscrossing journey back to Belgium. Because of the attack on Brussels airport, I’ll be hopping trains until I get back to Abrakam headquarters and back to working on this great game. Thought I’d mention what I’d be listening to along the way

  1. Podcasts: The Winning Agenda, Drive to Work, Limited Resources, Constructed Resources. Gotta get back in that competitive mindset for balancing.
  2. Calamity. Brandon Sanderson’s Steelslayer was basically Mistborn with the subplots cut out nearly plotpoint for plotpoint, but ported elegantly to an inventive and wickedly intelligent subversion of the superhero genre. This is the third book in that series, which has already given me tons of ideas.
  3. Skin Game. I’ve read it twice before, it only got better the second time. Here’s hoping it’s even better in the third. This book is a master class in story construction and the character scenes are shockingly powerful for the genre. It’s worth reading a whole series just to get to this one. Luckily, this particular series happens to be incredible already.

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